Greenland for Kiwis

Greenland is an autonomus region of Denmark. It's the world's largest island and geographically part of North America but culturally and politically part of Europe for the past 1,000 years. The name is a bit of a joke as the island is almost totally covered in snow, ice and glaciers. This frozen landscape gives it some spectacular scenery, an austere beauty, but beauty none the less.

There are many countries across the world that have a lot in them to offer to tourists. Greenland is one of those countries. There are loads of attractions for New Zealanders to explore in this amazing island.

Major Attractions

The freezing landscapes of the country are the major source of attraction for the tourists. Especially New Zealanders get attracted towards these landscapes as compared to any other peoples. Aurora borealis are the natural phenomena that are one of the sources of natural attractions for the tourists. A thing worth mentioning is that these aurora borealis occur throughout the year but they need a dark clear night sky to see them.

This means that these can be observed easily in the month of autumn, they are quite visible in during March but the totally disappear in the nights of hot summer. The midnight sun is another natural thing that attracts New Zealanders to the great islands of Greenland. You can see this midnight sun from 19th of April till the 24th of August from Qaanaaq, from 16th of May till 28th of July from Uummannaq and from May 25th of May to 25th of July from Ilulissat.

Something for Nature lovers

There is something for the Nature lovers too in Greenland. The reindeer, white bears, wolves, hares, musk ox, arctic foxes whales and the seals are worth looking and they present the interesting look of wildlife to the tourists. This is also one of the things that attract New Zealanders very much. The Northeast part of Greenland owes a National park and this park is larger in every respect as compared to any other National park around the globe. This National park is situated over an area of 375000sq.mi. Ittoqqortoormiit/Scoresbysund is the host town that hosts this park.

Examples of the flora and the fauna of Greenland are all found in this park. Sea lions and different species of the birds present a pleasant sight to the eye. The park contains almost everything in it. It has the largest predators of the world, monstrous walruses which have very powerful tusks and the hardy Antarctic bears. In other words it is actually a paradise wilderness having the wildlife.

The New Zealanders really like to visit the Disko Island which lies on the west coast of Greenland. This Island is actually a research site. Research regarding the ecological and the biological conditions in the Arctic takes place here. While you are touring the region of the Thule, you must have to discover the Eskimos’ life style and their living which has lots of attractions in it for you. It also provides you with an extraordinary view of the naturals contained in the island. One of the most popular places on the island is the capital city that attracts most of New Zealanders towards Greenland. The major schools in Greenland are situated in this town of over 13000 people. The hunting and the lifestyle art of the country can be seen in the local museum of the town.

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